The C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) is part of the Citizen Corp Program under FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency). The Citizen Corp program is comprised of the CERT program, VIPS (Volunteers in Police Services), MRC (Medical Reserve Corp), the Fire Corp Program and the Neighborhood Watch Program. These programs are for individuals who volunteer their time to assist the community in disaster situations and community events. Each individual program has its own set of training guidelines and requirements. Contact your local emergency management coordinator ot find out more about the program you may be interested in.


The Special Need Program is set up to assist residents in the event of disaster with evacuation from the area. If you know of anyone in your family or friends encourage them to register with this office ahead of time. A Special Need could be something as simple as transportation, to someone who requires life support. This office strongly encourages any resident with a Special Need to contact this office to register. It is better to register now, than waiting for a emergency to occur.

Be advised that anyone that registers with this office with a special need is kept confidential. This information is kept strictly in the office and is only released to the emergency services during a disaster situation where an evacuation has been called for.