On December 19, 2013 at 12:50 a.m., Manchester Township Police responded to the Manchester Township High School for a possible Hazardous Materials incident.  Upon arrival, Manchester Police learned that a teacher had accidently dropped a beaker containing an unknown liquid while working alone in a chemistry lab.  Upon hitting the ground, the beaker broke causing fumes to be released.  The teacher subsequently exited the room to avoid being exposed to the fumes.  As a result of the incident, the entire wing of the school was closed as a precautionary measure even though the incident was isolated to one room. The Berkeley Township Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Team responded to the scene and deemed the school safe for occupancy.  The chemistry teacher was treated at the scene by the school nurse as well as by members of the Manchester Volunteer First Aid Squad and elected not to go to the hospital. No other faculty members or students were exposed to the fumes during this incident. Assisting at the scene were members of the Manchester Volunteer Fire Company, members of the Ridgeway Volunteer Fire Company, and Manchester Township Emergency Management officials.