Rev. James Davis, who has served as the Manchester Township Police Chaplain since November of 2011, is preparing to provide aid to those in need as he embarks on a dental mission trip to Bolivia.

As part of a team of 10 on the Christian Dental Missions/Medical Missions International trip, Rev. Davis, 73, expects to see 500 underprivileged patients free of charge between March 21-29. Rev. Davis, who has a dental assistant certification, will also attend the trip in a clergy member capacity.

Rev DavisThis will be the 15th dental mission for Rev. Davis, a longtime Whiting resident who previously served as Pastor at the Whiting United Methodist Church. Aside from providing dental services, Rev. Davis has participated in 17 other mission trips benefitting those in need. Here at home, he serves as Chaplain for the Stafford Township Police and Ocean County Sheriff’s Department, in addition to Manchester Township.

“I’m here to support the members of the department, their families, and assist in the community when called upon,” Rev. Davis said. Rev. Davis is an invaluable resource to Manchester Township and the other communities he serves. His duties include helping officers make death notifications, assisting with crisis situations, and mitigating the stress families deal with during difficult times.

“Rev. Davis is an unsung hero. He’s a tremendous asset to the Police Division and our community,” said Chief Lisa Parker. “His responsibilities often involve sensitive and difficult tasks, and he handles everything with the utmost care and compassion. We’re proud of the work he does here in Manchester Township and internationally.”

Beginning his chaplaincy work in 1976 in Williamstown, NJ, Rev. Davis over the years developed a greater interest in assisting the law enforcement community. He earned his Master of Divinity degree in 1978, completed numerous trainings and responded to major incidents including the World Trade Center site following 9/11 and Honduras after Hurricane Mitch struck in 1998.

“The way I describe it, I feel professionally fulfilled in getting to help others,” Rev. Davis said. “It is extremely rewarding for me.”