Manchester Township Police are advising residents to inspect all candy received while Trick or Treating after a resident reported receiving suspicious and dangerous candy.

candyA township parent reported to police that she went Trick or Treating with her child and afterwards attempted to eat a Tootsie Roll candy received while going door to door. The parent bit into the Tootsie Roll and discovered it contained a toothpick shard.

Patrolman Patrick Mabie investigated and was advised by the resident that her family mainly Trick or Treated on Madison Avenue, Twelfth Avenue and Birmingham Avenue in Manchester’s Pine Lake Park section. Upon further inspection, the resident also reported finding another suspicious Tootsie Roll with a punctured wrapper but no toothpick inside.

Residents are always advised to inspect Halloween candy for tampering. Any residents who suspect they received suspicious candy are urged to call the Manchester Township Police at 732-657-6111.