Thanks to the generous donations made by local residents, businesses, and community organizations, the Manchester Township Police Department is pleased to announce the installation of a brand new K-9 Kennel on the grounds of the Municipal Complex.

This kennel, which was delivered on June 6, 2017, will provide a safe and comfortable space for K-9s, Storm and Lynk, to stay whenever their handlers, Ptl. Marc Micciulla and Ptl. Steven Wendruff, are inside police headquarters for an extended period of time during their shifts. The addition of the kennel provides a better alternative to keeping the K-9 in the vehicle in those cases where their handler is tending to duties inside headquarters for any significant amount of time.

Donations to the K-9 Unit, made through the Manchester Township Police Foundation, help to offset the cost of care, maintenance, and training for the K-9 Unit and greatly reduces the need to use township funds. The Manchester Township Police K-9 Unit is very appreciative of the community’s continued support of the program.

“We’re always grateful to the members of the community who keep our K-9 Unit in mind as they support local worthy causes. The public support our K-9s continue to receive is very impressive and greatly appreciated,” said Lt. James Sharkey, who oversees the Unit.

The Manchester Township Police Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides funding for youth and community outreach programs, police charities, investment in advanced education and training, and funding for specialized equipment and technology in order to help our police officers better perform their duties. To donate, please log onto the Manchester Township Police Website at: and click on the “Police Foundation” button located under the “Community Outreach” tab.