The Manchester Township Auxiliary Police is comprised of volunteer adults who are trained to assist the Police Division during a disaster or local emergency. In addition, auxiliary officers perform various duties, including but not limited to, traffic/crowd control at civic events, uniformed patrols in the community, community policing activities and staffing of the Township’s Emergency Operations Center. Auxiliary officers are also called upon during severe storms and/or major Township events.

While some of volunteers join the Auxiliary Police as a stepping stone to a career in law enforcement, others join simply to severe their community. We offer valuable real life experiences as well as excellent training opportunities. Many of our former auxiliary officers have become full time police officers throughout the State.


All auxiliary officers are required to complete an initial State mandated training academy held at the Manchester Police Headquarters. The training academy is approximately 12 weeks in duration and it is typically held on Wednesday evenings and select Saturdays. Upon graduation from the training academy, the minimum contribution to the unit is 10 hours of volunteer time per month, as well as additional on-going professional training.


All applicants undergo a comprehensive selection process which includes an oral board interview, a background interview and a thorough background investigation. Those who are selected for appointment to the program then begin the 12 week training academy. Upon graduation from the training academy, all recruits start field training which averages approximately 4 weeks. After field training is complete, the auxiliary officers are then adequately trained to begin assisting the Police Division.


-Citizen of the United States and the State of New Jersey

-Must be a permanent resident of Manchester Township or reside within 5 miles of any border of Manchester Township and your town does not have an auxiliary police unit.

-At least 18 years of age (no maximum age)

-Physically qualified to perform assigned duties. Physical disability is not a disqualifier if the person is able to perform assigned duties

-Able to read and write the English language

-Good moral character

-Possess a valid New Jersey driver’s license with no significant motor vehicle history.

-Absolutely no criminal record and/or prior arrests


The Manchester Police Department is not currently accepting applications for the upcoming Auxiliary Police Training Academy. Anyone in need of additional information can contact Ptl. Keith Douglas at 732-657-2009 ext. 6414.

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Do auxiliary officers carry firearms?
No, auxiliary officers are not permitted to carry firearms in Manchester Township under any circumstances.

Do auxiliary officers have any law enforcement authority?
No, auxiliary officers have no law enforcement authority in Manchester Township. They are not permitted to investigate any crimes, take any enforcement action or stop any vehicles and/or persons.

Do auxiliary officers get paid?
No, the auxiliary police unit is 100% volunteer

If I am a retired police officer or have prior law enforcement/military training, do I still have to go through the initial training?
Yes, all who are selected must complete initial training regardless of prior law enforcement experience. Regular police officers are trained under Police Training Commission guidelines (PTC). Conversely, auxiliary police officers are trained under NJ Office of Emergency Management (NJSP) guidelines.

What is the minimum amount of time I am required to contribute to remain in the unit?
10 hours per month after graduation from the training academy

Is there any physical fitness involved at the training academy?
No, however the academy is run similar to a “boot camp” without the physical training.

What is the difference between Auxiliary Police and Police Explorers?
Auxiliary police officers are sworn adult volunteers who are permitted to undertake certain, non-enforcement type activities which assist the Police Division. Police Explorers are non-sworn individuals between the ages of 16 and 21 who are part of the Boy Scouts of America. Explorers learn about different aspects of police work to determine if it is a career they would like to pursue.

What happens if I move out of Manchester after I complete training?
Unfortunately, you will have to resign from the program and apply to the auxiliary police unit in the town/city where you move.