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Through the Eyes of a Mother, the Adam Lowe Jr. Story

Mission Statement

In response to the growing opiate epidemic, the Manchester Township Police Department has researched, developed, vetted and successfully implemented a new interactive high school opiate awareness program entitled #NotEvenOnce. Instructed by police officers, this interactive course is a collaborative effort between law enforcement and educators with the goal of informing students about the dangers of opiates before they leave for college or enter the work force. This program, which meets all of the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for health classes, is taught to students during their senior year of high school. The ultimate goal behind this program is to educate students about opiate abuse and give them the tools they need to make better decisions.

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Training Description

Our class is a one day train the trainer class which will certify the officer to instruct the copyrighted program in any high school. This program comes with a PowerPoint which will guide them through the instructional sections of the classroom presentations. We provide a NJ state high school approved curriculum that meets and exceeds the NJ student learning standards for 9, 10, 11, and 12 grades. The officers will be taught how to instruct 12 grade students, what parts of the program they can make applicable to their community and what standards must remain the same due to copyright regulations and curriculum standards. Officers will have a complete understanding of the hours of research and vetting out that went into this program by many different types of disciplines such as; Recovery Coaches, Health Teachers, Principals, Guidance Counselors, Curriculum specialist, Police Command Staff, Municipal Alliance Representative, Ocean County Prosecutor, and most importantly it was piloted with high school students who critiqued the program.

The attendees will receive a flash drive which contains the following:

  • The NJ State curriculum for 9, 10, 11, and 12th grades
  • The PowerPoint video with embedded videos for the classroom presentation
  • The pre and post-test for the students
  • The class evaluation

Additionally, attendees will have access to our password protected website where they will receive notifications of new presentations, additional slides, and updated videos. We know that drug trends change and we are committed to keeping the program relevant with contemporary information. Also, the website offers web stores where anyone can order items with our trademarked logo #NotEvenOnce. Some examples of the items are: wristbands, polo shirts, t-shirts, etc. We are using third party vendors who will be providing us with 20 percent of the profits that our Manchester Township Police Foundation will donate to Manchester High School students in the form of scholarships for those seeking a career in public service.

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