On Saturday, December 14, 2019, officers from the Manchester Police Department responded to a residence on Mockingbird Way in the Pine Ridge section of Manchester Township for the report of an anonymous tip regarding narcotic related activity. During the course of the investigation, it was ascertained that no illegal narcotic activity had been taking place at the residence. However, police learned that the residents of the Mockingbird Way address had multiple unsolicited commercial service companies respond to their house over the course of the day. These commercial services included: a taxi service, pizza delivery service as well as electric and gas services. 

Following the initial police response to the residence, the Manchester Police Department received several emergency response related calls for service, all involving the Mockingbird Way address. These calls which were determined to be false included a brush fire, a structure fire and two in-progress stabbing incidents.    

Investigators were able to use information they obtained from the multitude of false phone calls to trace the phone numbers to a caller identification spoofing app which allows users to change their phone number to any number they choose. Investigators worked with the app’s security division to obtain information which ultimately led them to a residence on Martin Drive, a residence also located within the Pine Ridge development. Once at the residence, members of the Manchester Police Patrol and Investigations Bureau identified the suspect as Michael Woehrle, age 29 of Martin Drive. Mr. Woehrle was subsequently arrested and charged with four counts of creating a false public alarm. He was lodged in the Ocean County Jail pending a detention hearing.