The Manchester Township Police Department would like to thank resident Edward Loughman for his generous $1,000 donation to the non-profit Manchester Township Police Foundation, Inc., on August 3, 2016, in memory of his wife, Joan Loughman.

Lt Vincent Manco, Sgt James Komsa, and Edward Loughman

Mrs. Loughman suffered a medical emergency in 2009, at which time Sgt. James Komsa, then a Patrolman, responded to the couple’s home. Sgt. Komsa entered the home through a first floor window, found Mrs. Loughman unresponsive, and began CPR along with members of the Whiting First Aid squad. Despite their best efforts, Mrs. Loughman unfortunately passed away.

Since the incident several years ago, Mr. Loughman said that he has kept Sgt. Komsa and the Manchester Police in his thoughts. This donation was made, as Mr. Loughman said, in honor of Sgt. Komsa and in memory of his wife.

“We greatly appreciate the kindness and generosity of Mr. Loughman, as well as the many residents who continue to show their support for our officers and our community,” said Chief Lisa Parker.

The mission of the Manchester Township Police Foundation, an independent, non-profit organization, is to work in partnership with citizens, businesses and philanthropic organizations, to strengthen the bond between the Division of Police and the citizens it serves. This is accomplished through funding for youth and community outreach programs, police charities, investment in advanced education and training, and funding for specialized equipment and technology in order to help our police officers better perform their duties.

For more information or to make a donation, please click the “Police Foundation” tab on the Manchester Township Police Department website,