In recent days, the Manchester Township Police has received several reports from township residents claiming that they received a call from a person identifying themselves as an Officer of the Federal Investigation Department. This caller demands that the resident call back or face legal charges. This type of scam has existed for years and is becoming more prevalent in our area, especially with the advancement in technology.

scamThe Manchester Township Police wants to remind the public that law enforcement will never make a phone call to demand payment to clear up an outstanding warrant or to pay a fine. A fine can only be paid through the courts, and a warrant can only be cleared by the defendant paying the fine through the court of jurisdiction or by the individual serving time in jail. Fines also can be handled by a lawyer.

Anyone who receives a telephone call from an individual purporting to be a member of the Federal Investigation Department or another law enforcement official seeking money should refuse the demand, write down the caller’s telephone number, and report the matter to the Manchester Township Police at 732-657-6111.

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