On March 12, 2014, the Manchester Police Division was contacted to investigate a suspicious transaction between a salvage yard and two suspicious people in the Briar Hill apartment complex.

The representative of the salvage yard was contacted to scrap a 1998 Toyota Sienna mini-van.  When the representative of the salvage yard met with the two individuals, he believed the transaction was not legitimate and decided not to proceed.

Manchester Police were notified by the representative and Patrolman George Smith and Detective Adam Emmons responded to the scene to investigate.  During the investigation it was learned that the vehicle was reported stolen from Pittston, Pennsylvania.

Detective Adam Emmons was able to identify the two suspects as Kasahn Mason, 33 years old of Millbrook Street in Neptune, N.J. and Rachael Parker, 19 years old of Church Street in Belford, N.J.

Detective Emmons then sent an attempt to locate to the surrounding counties to be on the lookout for the two suspects. A short time later the Neptune City Police Department arrested Kasahn Mason and Rachael Parker for un-related offenses and notified Detective Emmons.

During his investigation Detective Emmons learned Mason and Parker stole the motor vehicle from a truck stop in Pennsylvania, drove it to the Briar Hill Apartments in Manchester and attempted to scrap the vehicle for cash. Mason and Parker also pawned the GPS unit from the vehicle for cash.

Kasahn Mason and Rachael Parker were charged with receiving stolen property and fencing stolen property.  Bail for Kasahn Mason’s charges was set at $7,500.00 with no 10 percent option.  Kasahn Mason is currently lodged in Monmouth County Jail for un-related offenses.

Bail for Rachael Parker’s complaint was also set at $7,500.00 with no 10 percent option.  Rachael Parker was transported to Ocean County jail in default of bail.

Assisting with the investigation were the Manchester Police Patrol Bureau, the Ocean County Sheriff’s Criminalistics Investigation Unit, Neptune City Police Department and Pittston, Pennsylvania Police Department.