Another #NotEvenOnce Class in the Books

Today, 17 more police departments consisting of 30 law enforcement officers and a Students Assistance Counselor were trained to teach the High School Opiate Awareness Program, #NotEvenOnce, in their school districts!  

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Making a Difference

We have taught over 200 Law Enforcement Officers and Educators our High School Opiate Awareness Program, #NotEvenOnce. It is an honor to see our program being instructed by other Law Enforcement agencies in schools around the state of New Jersey. #MakingADifference

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#NotEvenOnce Training Begins

Our Officers were proud to teach the first #NotEvenOnce Train the Trainer session at Manchester Police Department headquarters yesterday. The #NotEvenOnce program, which was developed by our Officers to teach 12th grade students about the dangers of opiates, has already made a positive impact in our school district. It is a proud moment that we [...]

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