On Thursday morning at 07:12 am, Manchester Police received a call regarding a dump truck leaking fuel on the road from Lakehurst Borough up to the Super Wawa on Rte 70 and Rte 539. According to a witness, a vehicle on Center Street in Lakehurst Borough “spun out” due to the fuel being leaked. Manchester Patrolman Vincent DeRome caught up to the OFLU Trucking Company’s dump truck at the Super Wawa and alerted the driver to his fuel leak.

Arthur Abline, of Manchester’s Office of Emergency Management, was called and responded to oversee the spill and subsequent clean-up of the fuel. The NJ Department of Environmental Protection was also notified. Whiting Volunteer Fire Company dammed the area around the truck so that the leaking fuel would not spread. According to Abline, there was no danger of the fuel leaking into storm drains or water basins. The fueling attendants at the Wawa assisted clean-up efforts by throwing Speedi Dri (an absorbent) onto the spill.

No traffic delays or road closures occurred as a result of this incident.