On Wednesday, August 19, at approximately 1:15 p.m., members of the Manchester Township Police responded to the Renaissance community in the eastern section of the township for the report of roadway flooding and stranded motorists in the area. The flooding, which was in the area of Barcelona Court, Eleanor Road and Ambassador Drive was the result a short burst of very heavy rain which hit the area during the early afternoon.


According to Manchester Township Emergency Management Coordinator, Arthur Abline, the flood waters reached as high as two feet in some areas. As a result, two vehicles became stranded in the water and had to be abandoned while their operators walked to safety. At one point, an ambulance which was responding to a first aid call in the development also got stuck on Barcelona Court after it attempted to drive through the water and became disabled. The ambulance was eventually started by a local tow company and pulled to dry land. Multiple Manchester Township police officers responded to the scene to assist the stranded residents and to handle traffic control.           

During this time of year, when torrential rain falls occur frequently and oftentimes with little advanced warning, the Manchester Township Police would like to remind the motoring public of a few safety tips when it comes to flooded roadways:

  • Flash floods can come rapidly and unexpectedly.
  • You may not have warning that a flash flood is approaching.
  • Never attempt to drive through a flood that you couldn’t walk through and be aware that water hides dips in the road. Worse still, there may be no road at all under the water. Flooding can wash away the entire road surface and a significant amount of ground beneath.
  • Just six inches of water will reach the bottom of most passenger cars; this depth can cause loss of control or possible stalling as water is sucked into the exhaust or washes into the air intake.
  • If negotiating a flooded section of road, drive in the middle where the water will be at its shallowest.
  • Consider other drivers – pass through flooded sections one car at a time, don’t drive through water against approaching vehicles.
  • Many cars will start to float in as little as one foot of water – this can be extremely dangerous because as the wheels lose grip, you lose control.
  • Two feet of flowing water can sweep away most vehicles — including large four-wheel drive cars. Don’t try driving through fast-moving water, for example approaching a flooded bridge – your car could easily be swept away.