Manchester Township, NJ: Mainly rain is expected today (March 6th) – changing over to snow late in the day or this evening.  Snow accumulations tonight into Thursday (March 7th) are expected to be 2 to 4 inches in our area.  This will be a heavy wet snow, combined with strong winds could bring down trees and power lines.

 Storm force winds are possible during this event over coastal waters, with 15-20 foot seas.

 Possible wind gusts to 60 mph right on the coast with gusts 35-45 mph further inland.

 Another briefing package will be sent out later this afternoon.

 Manchester Township Police are advising residents to secure all objects that could be blown around in these winds.  Any loose object could become a flying object possibly causing damage or injury to anyone in the area.  Also be aware of any loose tree limbs in your yard or along the highway that can become flying objects as well under the weight of the heavy snow or high winds.

 Make sure that your vehicles are not parked in the street to allow our Public Works Department to plow the streets unobstructed.

If you do not remove your vehicle from the street you may be subject to a citation under the snow removal ordinance and could have your vehicle towed away.

 Please be aware of this storm and the fact that things could change at any minute depending on the track and severity of the storm as it moves further across the northeast section of the country.