During the month of January, or “Manuary”, Manchester Township Police Officers grew, and in some cases, attempted to grow mustaches for a contest.  This was done once by officers in the past and the contest entry fees were collected and donated to a family in need.  During this contest, about twenty officers paid an entry fee to participate in the contest and other officers donated additional funds.  In the end, $400.00 was collected which was then matched by Manchester PBA 246. 

The $800.00 that was raised was then donated to 8 year old Michael Rankin, son of Toms River Township Police Officer Bob Rankin.  Michael Rankin was hospitalized and diagnosed with leukemia on December 28, 2012.  Michael is currently undergoing chemo and may need three years to win his fight against cancer.  If anyone is interested in following Michael’s status on Facebook, there is a link listed below.  Also, if anyone wants information on how to donate funds for Michael’s fight, the link for the gofundme site is also listed below.