We’re very proud that the groundbreaking “911eye” system, recently deployed in Manchester Township, received national attention on the NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt!

With 911eye, our Public Safety Telecommunicators have the option of seeing a secure, ‘one-time-use’ live video stream from a caller’s smartphone, should they give permission. This live view, along with the caller’s GPS coordinates, provide greater insight into the current emergency situation, giving telecommunicators, officers, and first responders the opportunity to assess the scene and identify any potential dangers before they arrive. This will aid tremendously in the effectiveness of our response while promoting public and officer safety

Manchester Township is the first municipality in the country to purchase and deploy this cutting edge technology, which was developed by Capita and brought to Manchester Township by the Critical Response Group at no cost to the taxpayer through drug forfeiture funds.

Please click here for the full news release announcing the deployment of 911eye in Manchester Township.