The Manchester Township Police Department is seeking volunteers for its Auxiliary Police Unit. The Manchester Auxiliary Police is a 100% volunteer unit comprised of residents of Manchester Township. Auxiliary officers assist the department with special events such as parades, festivals, as well as uniformed patrols within the community. In the event of an emergency condition, such as severe weather, the Auxiliary Unit is also activated to assist the police department.

While some join as a stepping stone to a career in law enforcement, others join simply to serve their community. The unit officers valuable real life experiences as well as excellent training opportunities. Retirees are encouraged to apply.

Candidates who are selected for the unit are provided with an initial State mandated training program as well as on-going professional training and equipment. Members must volunteer a minimum of 10 hours per month to the unit. The training academy will be held at the Manchester Police Department and is scheduled to begin in January of 2013.

The Qualifications to join the unit are:

-Be at least 18 years old (no maximum age but must be physically capable of performing duties)

-Possess a high school diploma or GED

-Possess a valid NJ drivers license with no significant DMV history

-Be of good moral character

-Absolutely no criminal record or prior arrests

-United States Citizen

-Must be a resident of Manchester Township or live within 5 miles of Manchester Township if your town does not have an Auxiliary Unit (no exceptions)

-Pass a thorough background investigation

Anyone interested in joining the unit or in need of additional information can visit the Manchester Police Department website at where applications can be downloaded. Additionally, there will be an information session held at Manchester Police Department on November 7, 2012 at 7pm. Applications are also available for pickup at the Manchester Police Department and they are due back no later than November 14, 2012.


Please do not call police headquarters for information about the program as no information or questions will be answered over the phone. All inquires prior to the orientation date can be emailed to Sgt. James Komsa at