On 08/06/2013 at 05:09am Officer Michael Anderson observed a gray Sport Utility Vehicle on Manchester Blvd, traveling through a red light at the intersection of State Hwy 70 /Manchester Blvd.  When Officer Anderson activated his overhead emergency lights, this gray SUV actively ignored the signal and began to accelerate the speed of the vehicle.  This vehicle, identified as a gray 2010 Toyota wagon continued onto Beckerville West Road at speeds in excess of 100 mph.  Officer Anderson advised dispatch the vehicle was all over the road, and was now posing a substantial risk to the public.  As the suspect vehicle approached the T-Intersection of Horicon / Beckerville West, the driver lost control and crashed into the woods.  The suspect vehicle refused to stop for police, and continued out of the woods and back onto Beckerville East.  Suspecting the Driver of SUV was impaired, Officer Anderson continued pursuing this vehicle down Beckerville East.  The SUV entered onto State Hwy 70 running the stop sign at Beckerville Road. The chase continued east into the Borough of Lakehurst.  Due to the extreme hazard and the reckless manner in which the driver was operating the vehicle, Officer Anderson backed away from the suspect vehicle and followed from a safer distance. Officer Anderson stated he observed the SUV slowed down to 25 mph while passing Manchester Plaza.  The vehicle later came to a complete stop on State Hwy 70 near MM 46.  Manchester Officers conducted a felony stop and took the driver into custody without incident.  It appears the vehicle stopped as a result of running out of gas. The driver of the vehicle was a 16 year old female who resides in Manchester Twp.  There were no reported injuries during this incident.  As a result of the investigation, it was determined that the juvenile was not impaired.  The gray Toyota was towed back to Manchester Police Headquarters were it was later released to the Juvenile’s parents.   According to both parents, they did not know their daughter left the house and took their vehicle.  The Juvenile was charged with Eluding, Joyriding, and several motor vehicle summons.  Due to the severity of the charges, the Juvenile was transported to the Ocean County Juvenile Detention Center in Toms River NJ.