On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, Lt. Vincent Manco was presented with a generous $500 donation to the Manchester Township Police K-9 Unit by the Leisure Knoll Harmonics musical group.

After approximately 25 years of performances throughout Manchester Township’s senior communities and nursing homes, the Harmonics have made the decision to disband. With some funds leftover from their years of running the group, the Harmonics membership decided it would be fitting to make a monetary donation to the Manchester Township Police K-9 Unit.

Harmonics K9 Donation

This generous donation from the Leisure Knoll Harmonics will be put to good use to help ensure the continued success of the Manchester Township Police K-9 Unit. The funds will be used to purchase K-9 unit-related equipment as well as to pay for training for both the dogs and their handlers.

“We’re grateful to the members of the Harmonics: Ruth Wittich, Joyce Walker, Valerie Marchinetti, and Karen Czerna, for keeping our K-9 Unit in mind as they made plans to give back to their community. The public support our K-9 Unit continues to be impressive and appreciated,” said Lt. Manco, who has overseen the Unit since its re-establishment in 2014.

Donations like these help to offset the cost for care, maintenance, and training for the K-9 Unit and reduce the usage of township funds. The Manchester Township Police K-9 Unit greatly appreciates the community’s continued support of the re-established Police K-9 program.

Donations are handled through the Manchester Township Police Foundation, a non-profit organization that provides funding for youth and community outreach programs, police charities, investment in advanced education and training, and funding for specialized equipment and technology in order to help our police officers better perform their duties. To donate, please log onto the Manchester Township Police Website at: www.manchesterpolicenj.com and click on the “POLICE FOUNDATION” tab.